Reuniting lost and stolen pets across Australia
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Professional lost pet search & rescue

Over 24 years experience, qualified lost and stolen pet investigators

Before you do anything to search for your lost pet, speak to our pet detectives. Using the wrong techniques or saying the wrong thing on your signs or posters can make someone keep your pet rather than return them. We don’t use robotic automated phone calls, it very rarely works. We have up to a 75% success rate with finding lost and stolen pets using proven techniques with over 24 years experience. Most owners have <20% chance of finding their pet on their own.

    • Honest, proven success rates over 24 years
    • qualified & trained with missing pet partnership in the US
    • Posters & street signs, flyers, newspaper ads, media relations provided

my cat was missing for 2 weeks before I rang Pet Search, if only I had rung sooner he would not have had to spend all those rainy nights away from home. Lee told me that my cats poster was important but I didn’t know how important. She was was right, the one she designed got him home. My advice to other owners is to ring pet search the minute your pet goes missing and listen to them. I wish I had listened sooner.

Private author

i would just like to thank the organisers of this web site as i lost my hand raised cockatiel on tuesday 6th april and thanks to the information i got, i did not give up and she was returned to me safely today its a mirical. Words cant describe how thankfull i am. never give up hope and the simple things like posting flyers around your street will help alot as i found. THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH

Private author

To all staff, I emailed a few weeks ago with my lost Cat “Bella” She has now been found! I just want to say a personal THANK YOU to all the staff at pet search! I think what your organisation is doing is fantastic! Keep up the good work! Liz Schuman!

My much loved Lilac Burmese , Tuptim disappeared in mid December 07 while I was having surgery. The staff at Pet Search were absolutely wonderful. I was offered free advice and lots of comforting words as well as constant updates . Thankfullly, Tuptim turned up on my back doorstep of her own accord (over a month after she disappeared ). Although half starved she was otherwise intact. A year later she is in fantastic condition and I am still grateful for Pet Search’s assistance- thanks, Lyndel

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High Visibility

We provide high visibility flouro street signs to place around the area your pet went missing and distribute printed posters to the vets, pet shops, groomers, shelters and other animal services. s. The extra mile needed to find your lost or stolen pet.

Qualified & knowledgable

There is lots of general advice on the internet about what to do, but much of it is wrong or not applicable to your lost pet. Using the wrong techniques you can damage your chances of finding your pet. We are qualified lost pet technicians.

Individualised search plan

We will be there throughout the whole process and can help you a little or a lot. You might just want advice on the phone, or you might want us on the ground putting up signs or delivering flyers. Our service is flexible to work with what you need.

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