Reuniting lost and stolen pets across Australia
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What do we do?

We act as a central place to report lost and found pets. Pet Search has developed over 23 years to offer clients the most up to date research on searching techniques, poster design, printing & distribution and lost pet behaviour. We embrace technology to increase the awareness of lost pets and to spread the message about your lost pet. We now use Twitter, Facebook, email lost pet alerts and combine this with our website and distributing lost pet posters, we now get the message about your lost pet out to more people than ever before.

Our call centre operates from 9am to 5:30pm Monday to Friday (eastern standard time) at most times of the year, but at Easter, Christmas and some school holidays and long weekends, we extend our hours to cater for the increased demand of lost pets at these times and if you need to talk to us outside these hours, let us know, we will be happy to accommodate.

How do we do it?

Firstly, we talk to lost pet owners about the circumstances in which their pet went missing. Things like owners being away, new animals in the household, the season e.g. winter or spring can cause a pet to disappear, other factors we talk about are changes in the pet’s routine, construction work occurring nearby and the lost pets health are other factors that can influence where a lost pet will go and sometimes how other people will interact with them. In general we have an approximate success rate of up to 75% for lost dogs,cats and birds. Lost ferrets are not as common and have very specific searching techniques, and the reuniting rate for ferrets is 90%.

Where do you operate?

To keep with centralizing the information, we run from 1 office in Seven Hills, NSW. This enables us to have all the information on lost and found pets in the one database and also enables our staff to share information easily.

Why isn’t Pet Search free?

We hope one day to be able to provide our services free of charge to owners of lost pets. Currently, Pet Search receives no government or other funding, our sole source of funding is from the registration fee to search for a lost pet. We provide assistance to the general community, government departments, local councils, animal control officers, vets, pounds and the RSPCA and other animal welfare agencies but we do not receive any form of financial support for these services. All of these agencies work with us because they see the advantages of how working with Pet Search can help reunite more lost animals and reunite them faster.

A lot of work and research is behind the advice and techniques we provide to clients and we operate a call centre, print and distribute posters and provide fast and efficient services for helping to reunite lost pets.

How do I get my lost pet onto Pet Search?

Go to the menu called “services” at the top of the screen and fill in a lost pet profile for your pet. There are separate profiles for dogs, cats, birds and other pets.

I have found a stray animal what can I do?

If you have found a stray animal, you can search our registered missing pets database to see if we have a pet matching the description of the animal you have in your care. If there are no registered missing pets with a matching description or photo, you can register the animal you have found using the “Report a stray animal” menu at the top of the screen and by filling in as much detail as you can and including your contact details, Pet Search will be able to stay in contact with you and help you to get the pet back home.

I don’t have a lost pet, and I haven’t found a stray animal, but I want to help people find their lost pets. What can I do?

You can join our Lost Pet Alert. Just put in your email address, name, suburb and postcode and if there is a lost pet in your postcode, we will email you the details. We will also email you when they are reunited, so you can share in the celebrations.

Why don’t you do automated phone calls?

There are a few places that offer automated phone calls where they play a recorded message to phone numbers in your area. It might seem like an interesting concept and was used by thousands of companies for marketing 20 years ago but is not used at all anymore.  This is because they noticed it wasn’t having the success it once did and the number of hang ups and no answers were more than the number of people who answered and there was no way of knowing whether someone actually took down any notes or just let the message play. Have you been in a vet surgery when the phone rings? You can see how busy they are how can we expect them to write down details of lost pets over the phone from a robotic recorded message? Then they are expected to pass this message on to everyone else who works there? It doesn’t happen. Your lost pets message gets lost amongst all the other notes taken that day. How does someone describe one tabby cat from another over the phone in a 20 second robotic message, How do you describe your staffy x? This is one of the many reasons we don’t use automated voice messages. Instead we get printed colour posters for your lost pet delivered to the vets and other animal services. This has proven to be much more successful in getting lost and stolen pets home.  We don’t rely on vets to read emails or print out things, we make it easy for other people to help find your pet. Hey it might be a bit more work for us but your pet is worth it.

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