Name: Toby
Date missing: 01/2/16
Suburb: Harris Park
State: NSW
Postcode: 2150
Gender: Male
Age:9 years
Breed: Cockatiel
Colour: Yellow, grey & white, has green leg ring on left leg
Contact: Pet Search 1300 309 004
Reference: Feb16_toby_cockatiel
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For over 23 years our qualified and professional staff have been reuniting lost and stolen pets. We are often called pet detectives, lost pet investigators and lost pet finders, whatever the name, our job is to give families a better chance of finding their lost or stolen pet. Understanding what techniques to use, lost pet behaviour and human behaviour can double to triple the chances of finding a lost or stolen pet. Your pets breed, age, personality, even their colour can affect what happens to them and how long it takes to find them. Don’t rush your search and risk saying or doing the wrong thing. Take a deep breath and make a phone call to us to speak to one of our pet detectives. A couple of minutes on the phone can make all the difference to getting your pet home. Call our National lost pet hotline – 1300 309 004

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