Lost a Dog in Sydney?

If you’ve lost your dog in Sydney wait no longer and get help from Pet Search pet detectives who are based in Sydney and its surrounding areas. We started from a small office in Newtown in 1992 and over the years have searched for lost pets in every single suburb of Sydney. We know the issues faced by lost pet owners in different areas. Language barriers, high rise buildings, vast open spaces, large acreage properties and construction work are all challenges that different areas face. To have the best chance of finding your lost dog, you need a personalised service for your lost dog’s case. Each lost pet is different and using the wrong techniques can mean you won’t be reunited with your lost pet. Searching for a lost cat is different to searching for a lost dog. Don’t rely on automated robotic phone messages, use a professional, experienced qualified pet detective to find your lost dog in Sydney with over 23 years experience searching for lost and stolen dogs.


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