lost dog whippet called baz from Turrella NSW 2205

Name: Baz
Date missing: 3/10/16
Suburb: Turrella
State: NSW
Postcode: 2205
Gender: Male
Age:  6 years old
Breed: Whippet dog
Colour: Grey
Contact: Pet Search 1300 309 004
Reference: Oct16_Baz

More information:

Baz is 6 years old. He is microchipped & desexed. He went missing when a fence blew over. It is urgent he is found as he is lame on his front right leg & is undergoing treatment. If you see Baz, please do not chase him as he will be frightened & may run from you, please call us or if found please take him to any vet hospital. We will take care of the vet bills.

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