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Some reunion stories

Casper the ghost who walks … and walks!

“Casper” is a two year old male Maltese who disappeared from his East Ryde home at the end of January. Within 24 hours we received a call from a lady in Haberfield who had found him that day in Haberfield. How did he get that far, that fast .. only the spirits can tell us, and they’re not talking.

Three Little Kittens that Lost their Way …

Ruby, Remo and Selby are three Birman cats who disappeared from their Bellevue Hill home at the end of December. It wasn’t until January 11 that we received a call from a gentleman in Rose Bay who said he’d found a “Himalayan” cat that we thought we were on the right trail.

Gigi explained to the caller that three were missing and he offered to go for a walk up the street to see if he could find any more … over the next couple of hours cats were coming out of the woodwork all over the place. All three stayed together for almost two weeks and travelled quite a long way. Needless to say RR & S’s owners were very happy to have their family home ago.

Sydney City Mission takes caring for the homeless to new level:

“Max” a seven year old male Dobermann x Labrador disappeared from his Wahroonga home on December 31. On January 4 we received a call from Jodie at St. George Animal Hospital who identified him from our poster as a dog which had been impounded by South Sydney Council from Sydney City Mission’s soup kitchen at Kings Cross that day. Great spotting Jodie! (Again!)

Bandit the Beagle … What Can I say …

Bandit is a five year old entire male Beagle who disappeared from his North Bondi home on December 28. His mistress called us the very next day seeking our assistance. We searched and searched .. and searched. Absolutely nothing, for weeks and weeks.

As our final desperate attempt to find Bandit we asked Dr. Peter Nicholl (Earlwood Vet. Clinic) to run a call for Bandit on the 2UE Pet Show on Saturday, January 30.

Peter received a call from a lady whose niece had been given a Beagle about a month previously by a Vet in the Eastern Suburbs. Apparently, the dog had been found wandering by an Irish tourist who passed the dog onto the vet who then gave it to a friend who wanted a Beagle (Our caller’s niece).

We brought the 2UE caller, her niece and our client together and Bandit was identified and returned to his two children (human) who had been pining for him for a month.

Danny Boy, oh Boy!

Danny is an eight year old Fox Terrier (who thinks he has nine lives like a cat, I think). Danny hales from Balmain .. where we understand he has been fished out of the harbour by a passing ferry in the past .. so you can get a feel for the type of dog he is!

Danny was lost in the middle of December from his Balmain home. We received a call from a gentleman the next day who found an “old blind foxy” in Balmain and took it home to Putney where the dog got away. As the dog was no longer “found” no records were kept. However, Linda did a search of our database but unfortunately found no match because it would be another couple of days before Danny’s owner called us.

A couple of days later the Putney gentleman called again to see if we had any luck. Gigi searched for an owner and came up with Danny’s details. She then searched to see if “another” foxy had been found in Putney in the last couple of days. Sure enough a foxy fitting the description had been picked up by Ryde Council and taken to the RSPCA that day.

We called the owner who visited the RSPCA to confirm it was Danny. Hopefully he is still in his backyard in Balmain as we go to press. (If all this is too confusing for you, just call and I’ll try to explain it for you ED.)


Buffy is a one year old female Maltese who disappeared from her Rydalmere home back in November, 1998. The only specific detail our client could provide was that Buffy has “long white eyelashes!!!). Anyway searches by the dozen were undertaken, to no avail until the end of January when a lovely lady called from Ermington having found a Maltese who turned out to by Buffy (no she did not mention the eyelashes as a distinguishing mark!)

I think Coke’s been hitting the Hard Stuff

Remember Coke the Alaskan Malamute who disappeared from his Riverstone home in early November. He was successfully reunited by our poster and returned home in a week. He was only home for two weeks before he disappeared again, this time in Penrith. On this occasion it took us almost three months to locate him .. we received a call from a lady who had found him in Mt. Druitt.

“Fireman to the Rescue”

“Sheba” is a 3 year old brindle Boxer who disappeared from her Haberfield home during the storms in early November. A number of searches revealed nothing until November 12 when we received a call from a fireman from Burwood fire station who was referred to us by Corinne Daw at Burwood Council. Gary (the fireman), had rescued a dog from the Haberfield storm water drains. A quick search of the database revealed “Sheba’s” details; Gary called our client and a very relieved family was reunited in very dramatic circumstances.

“Paddy”, an 8 year old Rough Collie X has reason to be a happy girl. She disappeared from her Penshurst home on October 2. Her “mother” finally called Pet Search on October 14. A few days later we received a call from a lady in Arncliffe who said that a very distressed and extremely timid dog had been hiding under her house for the past couple of weeks! Sure enough it was a very sore and sorry “Paddy”, who was very happy to see her mistress, to say the least.

A Long Way Round for a Short Cut

“Max” is a 9 year old Silky x Maltese who disappeared from his Newtown home on September 25. His mistress called Pet Search three days later. Our first search identified a gentleman who lived in Dural – he had found a little dog in the city and taken it home to Dural. He then called his local vet (Round Corner) who suggested he better call Pet Search with the information … and lucky he did too because we were able to immediately reunite “Max” with his mistress. Without Pet Search it could have taken a lot longer, if it happened at all.

So Near & Yet So Far

“Pepper”, a slender brown Tabby disappeared from his Cherrybrook home on September 15. We were brought in to help on September 21 via Cherrybrook Vet Clinic. Two weeks searching brought no news of “Pepper”. Not until October 2 when we received a call from a young lady in Cherrybrook were we able to help “Pepper” home.

Chloe the Mugwy .. or is it .. Gremlin

“Chloe” is a very cute Brussels Griffon who disappeared from her Bankstown home on August 30 and her master sought our help on September 3. No news for almost two months when we finally saw a listing in the daily fax we receive from the RSPCA. A Griffon had been found in Yagoona. Sure enough it was our little girl and she was quickly reunited with her family.

Unfortunately, a couple of weeks later we spotted another RSPCA listing for a Griffon in Bankstown. Sadly, the owners no longer wanted to keep “Chloe” and they surrendered her to the RSPCA. Luckily a new home was quickly found for the little Gremlin.

Raffiki – a bit of a “monkey”.. but maybe not so wise ..yet!

“Raffiki” is a five month old Shih Tzu from Parramatta who disappeared on August 29. His mistress called Pet Search for help on August 31. We sent out cute posters to all and sundry, searched up hill and down dale without success for two whole months! Then a lovely lady from Blacktown was referred to Pet Search by the girls at Kildare Road Vet. It’s a long way for a baby to travel on those little tiny legs, but it was our lad. Thank you to the RSPCA for referring his owner and to the staff at Kildare Road for referring the finder to Pet Search.

Fat Cat Sabbatical

“Petrus”, or “Petti” for short, a ginger Persian X (entire male) disappeared from his Kings Park home on June 24. All the searches under the sun produced nothing, until September 4 when we received a call from a lady in Blacktown who had taken in a cat fitting Petti’s description.

The match was made, and Petti went home 21/2 months after disappearing. But he stayed home exactly three hours before he disappeared again.

Spring has well and truly sprung out west!

Hello Sailor!

“Sailor” is a Rainbow Lorikeet who disappeared from his Allambie Heights home on July 13. Her owner assured us that “Sailor” would not go far. Well, maybe she didn’t, but it took her a long time to get there.

She was finally found in Dee Why on September 16, reported to Pet Search, and returned to her very grateful owners.

King of the Jungle

“Leo” a Birman from Alfords Point disappeared from his home in October, 1997. His owner sought our assistance a couple of days later, but to no avail.

Then “Leo’s” “mum” finally called to say that Leo came home all by himself in May, 1998. He still had his collar and tags on and had been living in a reserve one street away from home all that time. Apparently a lady had seen him regularly in the reserve (with his tags attached) and thought he was feral!

Mum even requested the local post office to distribute handbills for her, which they did .. in the wrong suburb!

The fires swept through Menai, and the reserve, and “Leo” survived. But he’s home and happy now, and so is his mum, who also had a new baby during the whole process. No telling how many lives he has left, but maybe he shouldn’t chance another adventure, just in case.

..the Long Road Home

“Bella” is a Devon Rex who disappeared from her Paddington home on July 9. She was found in Woollahra and taken to a local vet clinic. The clinic called Pet Search. At the same time one of their clients offered to care for the cat until the owner could be identified.

Which we did the same day. Unfortunately the carer decided to send the cat to her daughter – in Melbourne! It took another week before “Bella” was finally returned to her rightful owner, after a huge adventure all the way to Melbourne and back.

Luther on the Loose

In July two young ladies living in Kings Cross called Pet Search looking for help in finding “Luther” their black cat who had disappeared from home a couple of days before.

It took a month before we received a call from Fox Valley Vet in Wahroonga, who advised taking in a cat meeting “Luther’s” description. A quick search and we reunited the happy family. Kings Cross to Wahroonga is quite far, and means traversing the bridge or the tunnel (or hitching a ride) and “Luther” did it in a month. Good going just to survive that long when you’re only eight months old!

Looks Horried …

“Horrie” is a long billed Corella who disappeared from his Richmond home on February 21. After hearing nothing for months we finally received a call from a lady who found a Corella in Emu Plains on September 2. Our finder was a bit concerned about getting too close to “Horrie” given the length of his beak. But when his “mum” finally turned up to check him out he turned into a real softie.

No Joke .. but maybe jest what she needed ..

“Jester” the Fox Terrier wasn’t feeling very funny in September. He and his mistress were involved in an horrific car accident in Maroubra. Mum spent the following 10 days in intensive car with severe facial injuries, but Jester disappeared from the scene of the accident, understandably. His master sought our assistance a couple of days later.

Luckily our first search identified him from a call we received from Maroubra Vet. He was quickly reunited with his master who, we understand, smuggled “Jester” (up his jumper) into the hospital to visit his mistress.

It’s this kind of story that makes doing this work so worthwhile. Thank you to Maroubra Vet, the RSCPA team who referred “Jester’s” dad to us, and to everyone of you who call us with lost or stray animals. Together we can make a huge difference to many lives, both animal and human.

Fireman Rescue Cat..

..but for once not from a tree. Joe’s Surry Hills home caught fire on June 6 and in the kerfuffle his little grey DSH cat disappeared. Four days later – June 10 – Joe called us to find out if we had any information. Lucikly, Fiona remembered a report of a burn victim being delivered to the RSCPA earlier in the week – but had no indication of where she came from.

A quick search of the database located the likely match – and by then the RSPCA had learned the cat had come from Surry Hills. A thankful Joe was re-united with his pet.

Unlucky to be injured – she had burns on her feet, and was singed all over: but lucky in the attention she got from our caring rescue services. The fire service gave her oxygen at the scene of the fire, and then the Police Rescue Service got into the act, delivering her to the RSPCA.

And the “tailpiece”? Surprisingly her name was “Singe”: so called because she was originally found in the boot of a car, where her whiskers had been singed – presumably by the heat of the exhaust. What’s in a name? Well, maybe a self-fulfulling prophecy.

It’s been our experience that a name can often shape an animals life. Are there others we should think twice about before burdening our pets with them? What about “Houdini”, “Missy”, “Dash”, “Roma”, “Freeway”, even “Rover”. Pet Search recommends that you avoid names like these: what about “Homer” instead?!

Bumming a Ride?

Our next story concerns a Maltese x Shih Tzu with the unusual name of “Bum”. In the US a bum seems to mean a tramp, who has to survive on handouts – usually an unemployed itinerant who has to keep on the move. A term more common in the Great Depression perhaps.

Another self-fulfilling name? Perhaps, because our BUM (if you’ll excuse the phrase) travelled some distance in the upper North Shore and survived on handouts. He went missing from his home in Hornsby on November 7. We did our searches, and sent out posters on November 11. Not a peep from anyone.

Then on April 1 (April Fool’s Day) Michelle from Hornsby Pound called us: a gentleman had called her because he had lost “his” dog around Hornsby South Primary School. During the conversation, it turned out he had found “his” dog some months before in the same area.

Now Michelle has a great memory, and thought the dog sounded like the Bum she remembered from our old poster. She called us.

We phoned the original client – who lived not far from the school and suggested he start searching in that area, just in case. Now there were two households looking for Bum.

But the North Shore usually has a limited tolerance for “Bumming around”. Greg, the Hornsby Dog Controller, took in a dog from Cowan who sounded like the dog lost around South Hornsby. It was in truth the same dog. Michelle checked the old poster again, she called us again, we called the original client again, and presto! We got a match:- another happy reunion.

But is “Bum” a good name for a dog who might get the itch to wander?

Anyway, great teamwork, Michelle and Greg! Hornsby Pound must feel a touch more proud of itself as a result.

Phantom – the Ghost Who Walks…

Another name to think twice about? He’s a male black brindle Staffy who disappeared form his home in Hurstville on May 4. He was picked up by the Dog Controller the same day in Casula – and taken to Renbury Farm Canine Centre (Liverpool City Dog Pound).

The very efficient girls at Renbury Farm faxed us when Phantom arrived, and we identified him straight away.

So the Ghost Who Walked all the way from Hurstville to Casula (30 k’s) in 12 hours, returned home. But probably not walking…

Well-Trained …

Jess – a name you couldn’t really question – went missing from home in Toongabbie on April 24. She’s Foxy x Maltese x Silky – a little cutie of about 6 months. We started our searches, and distributed posters on April 29.

Cathy Sneddon of St. George Animal Hospital spotted Jess’s photo when she opened the mail the next day, April 30. It looked just like the pup who had been picked up on Central Railway Station by South Sydney Council Rangers, and taken to St. George pound.

Presumably Jess had found her way onto a train, and inevitably became increasingly bewildered, and no doubt stressed out. Anyway, Cathy called the owner, who was extremely pleased to get her companion home after such an adventure. Well done Cathy!

Scoot – to Dart, go Swiftly or Hastily (Macquarie Dictionary)

Yet another name to ponder – Scooter. He’s a Galah who disappeared from home in Baulkham Hills on March 4. His owner asked for our help on March 6. Not easy, it can be difficult to identify a Galah – one looks very like another unless you’re close up. And catching one can be difficult as well as hazardous. We heard nothing for several weeks.

Then on March 23, a lady in Winston Hills called us to say she’d found a Galah – we don’t know the circumstances, so don’t ask. We passed on the phone number of our client – but she couldn’t believe her bird could have got the far, and didn’t follow it up.

But five days later she finally decided to do so – and of course found her bird. It had indeed – “Gone Swiftly or Hastily” and quite Far…

Camouflage – a Dog’s Disguise

“Shar” is a male Samoyed who went AWOL at Maroubra on February 9, wearing his green collar. The owners called us on the 11th and we did all the usual, but no news for some considerable time. Then three months later on May 14, the Bondi Junction Veterinary Hospital called us – they had taken in a Samoyed with a red collar. A cunning disguise.

A quick call to Shar’s owners to confirm that he was still missing and they hurried off to Bondi Junction to check out the escapee. Sure enough it was their dog, but not their collar. Thank you, whoever gave him a new one.

A Bottle Short of a Sixpack …

..or in this case four short? His name is Tupac (groan), a five month old Keeshond. He was missed from his Cherrybrook home on January 16. We started our searches on January 22, but no news for more than eight weeks. Then on March 20 a lady called from Dural – she had found a young dog fitting Tupac’s description. Great rejoicing in the Tupac household: perhaps they welcomed him home with a – nah, forget it …

Lizzy – Dizzy from her Travels?

Lizzy is a Weimaraner x Kelpie cross – and she disappeared from her Earlwood home on May 26. An early breakthrough this time: Gigi’s initial search identified her from information faxed by the Newtown Vet. She’d been picked up in Erskineville, but her breeding had baffled the finders, and she was described as a Kelpie X.

Unfortunately a little confusion at the vet surgery: during that short time, two stray dogs had been taken in. Our client was told that her dog was not there. But the every-alert Gigi followed a huch, and called St. George pound – the Pound for Newtown. Yes, the dog had been moved on there from the vet. Success on June 2.

But wait, there’s more …! On June 4 she was off again. On June 9, during a routine search, Gigi picked up a reference to a dog found at Dulwich Hill Railway Station by Marrickville Council Rangers, and taken to the RSPCA. Still foxing her helpers, she was described this time as a Labrador x Pointer.

Success again: and as we go to press, we understand she is still safely behind her own fence in Earlwood.

Blitzer not a Bitzer

No indeed, he’s a fine Seal Point Siamese, a desexed male. He disappeared from his Paddington home on May 20. We put out posters and the usual searches, but with no result for weeks. Then on June 24 we had a call from Sandy at the Cat Protection Society, with the welcome news that Blitzer had been found – still in Paddington.

His owners collected him from the Society’s head office in Enmore, and apparently he was extremely pleased to see them. Well done Cathy and the Cat Protection Society team!

A Dog’s Life …

Poor Misty is an ancient Cattle Dog: She’s deaf, she has severe arthritis, and used to live in Lugarno. But the stairs got too much for her, and her owner transferred Misty to her son’s more level property in Holsworthy. Then on June 20 she went for a walk and got lost. A lovely person found Misty on the road, took her home to Sutherland, and eventually to the local vet. He held Misty for a short time, and then passed her on to Tanya at the Sutherland Municipal Dog Pound.

Luckily, Tanya checked her against a poster we had sent out asking for help with “an old Arthritic Cattle Dog”. (We could hardly say “answers to the name of..” since she was so deaf). Tanya called our client in Lugarno, and Misty was reunited on June 24. Talk about adventure later in life – this wasn’t bad for an old lady who can’t hear, and can hardly walk

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