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What we do to find lost and stolen pets

What We Do:
Pet Search works to maximise the chances you have of being reunited with your lost pet. We do this through guiding you on searching techniques, poster techniques, lost pet behaviour and also human response behaviour – what people do when they find a stray pet or steal a pet. Using all of this knowledge we can at least double the chance of finding your lost or stolen pet because it can be used to your advantage. We also help with door knocking, poster distribution, night vision cameras, trap setting, amplified listening devices and various other techniques for finding lost pets. We even work with psychics who have helped find a few lost pets. We will do almost anything (don’t tell our insurance company) if we think it will help find your lost pet.

If you are visiting this website, we already know your pet is very important to you. Whether it be a dog, cat bird, ferret, rat or reptile.
So we’ll ask you a quick question to put it into perspective.

Hypothetically – how would you feel if come the end of today, tomorrow or the end of the week and you have done nothing and your pet is not home with you?

Do NOT Delay!
Call us now on 1300 309 004 for immediate help.

The sooner you ask for help the better.

We have searched for over 28,000 lost pets and most of these are back home with their families.
We have over 20 years experience in searching for all types of lost pets including dogs, cats, birds, ferrets, reptiles and rodents and our techniques are used by lost pet services around the world, including the US and the UK.

The techniques are not new or unusual, they are proven thousands of times over.

We Know What Works & What Doesn’t:
Don’t risk your pet’s life by getting no advice or bad advice.

* Vets are not experts in searching for lost pets
* Pounds and shelters are not lost pet experts
* Pet shops don’t know about lost pet behaviour
* Your friend’s bad experience with not finding a lost pet is not an indication of what will happen to your pet

We were the first lost pet service in Australia and currently the only service that offers proven guidance on searching and poster techniques. There are hundreds of lost pet noticeboards on the internet, but we are the only comprehensive lost pet service.

In the words of Pet Detective John Keane, founder of Sherlock Bones, “The way a lost pet is found is by leveraging yourself through the eyes and ears of other people”

Benefits Of Pet Search:

Access to lost pet experts – You have access to lost pet experts whose services and guidance is used in lost pet services around the world.

A lost pet detective to help you at every step – Our goal is to get your lost pet home with you as quickly as possibly & ensure that your needs are met throughout the process.

The confidence of knowing that in an emergency, expert assistance is just a phone call away.
Avoid a lost pet nightmare-  All too often people describe their pet being missing as a nightmare because they are so distracted by needing to find them they can’t concentrate at work, they can’t eat or sleep and they are so confused.

After consulting with a Pet Search detective, they feel relaxed, confident and organised.

Searching plans – allows for the creation of critical more complex lost pet cases including information on searching, poster techniques, short and long term processes, resource allocation, responding to sightings and utilising the media.

Simple & quick – There is nothing complicated to get started, we just need your pet’s details and we can start helping you straight away.

Convenient – All of the lost pet advice and tools are in the one place. According to a recent survey 85% of the public say they want a turn key solution when looking for their lost pet. Pet Search is the only service in Australia that provides searching, posters, expert advice, website listings, promotion and newspaper listings all under “one roof”. Less time and less work for you and a better result. Faster answers for you when you need them most & a single point of contact for the whole time your pet is missing.

Quality Posters – It is a simple equation. Get better readership of your posters, have more responses and therefore a higher chance of being reunited with your lost pet. There is no poster like a pet search placard. Our quickly recognised logo and name means that people will know what the placard is for before they even see the details. Our strength is your strength. We create better communication of your lost pet’s details to people who may have found or seen your pet in a secure and professional way.

Street Signs –  Our high impact street signs have been designed in accordance with international recommendations for posters on roads. They have a very good readership and recall rate and they can be made water resistant by laminating them. If you have a busy road nearby, take advantage of the traffic and tell them about your lost pet.

Your security –  We all know the world is not as safe as it used to be and your safety is a consideration when your pet is missing. Criminals can see a lost pet as an opportunity to access your house while you are out and can also use your lost pet for ransom/manipulation purposes, we can minimise these risks and guide you on how to protect yourself, your family and your pet.

Fully tailored – each lost pet is different and we tailor our services to your lost pet.

Choice of services – we have a choice of services to fit your budget

Scaled response – depending on how long your pet has been missing we can recommend different levels of response

Make the most of your money – you can spend thousands of dollars looking for your lost pet, add up phone calls, petrol, printing posters, and then the amount of time you spend away from work and your family doing all of these things, only to find none of it is working. At Pet Search, we know what works and what doesn’t work, a lost pet is an emergency, so you cannot plan for it to happen, so don’t waste your limited money and time on doing things that are not relevant for your pet, talk to us first, we will make sure you are doing the right things.

You won’t miss that important call – our name & number can be used on your posters and publicity, it has been proven people remember names more than phone numbers, so it is easier for people to remember Pet Search than your mobile number.

Recovery – If you can’t physically get to your pet when they have been found, we can help with the recovery effort. We can also help with setting and checking traps

Freedom – to keep up with your normal life. If we can take some of the burden away of searching for your lost dog, cat or bird, you can maintain your normal work/life balance. Too many owners try to carry out every possible thing they can think of 24 hours a day and stop after 2 days feeling exhausted and hopeless because their pet is still not home. Only to find they have been wasting energy on doing things that have a low chance of finding their pet.

Lost pet library – We have a library of books and articles on searching for lost pets, as a Pet Search client you have access to this library

Get your lost pet online – The Pet Search website is one of the most heavily visited and professionally managed lost pet websites in the world. More finders of lost pets and vets and pounds visit our site compared to any other lost pet site.

Lost pet gallery – You can get your lost pet’s details into our online gallery. This is the first place many vets and pounds look to reunite lost pets they have in their facility. If your pet’s details are not there, how can they reunite your pet? You can include pictures and video of your lost pet, or a video of you appealing for help. The more attention your pet gets the more likely people are to help in the search and remember your pet’s details

Live Feeds – We have live feeds of lost pet’s details onto other websites such as EssentialPET.

Recommended links – the internet is a vast place of thousands of lost pet noticeboards and listing. You could spend weeks posting your pet’s details on all of them, and the internet is not yet a place that reunites a lot of lost pets except for the Pet Search website which is monitored by many vets and pounds. We can guide you on the other places to post up details that have proven useful for some of our clients

Publications – The Pet Search lost pet guide and lost pet lead log puts the information in your hands that you need.

Time management – What is your time worth? What is it going to cost you in time and money doing searching and posters only to find they are not working. We do them right the first time so you know your posters are working the minute they are put up.

Minimise risk – The whole time your pet is missing they are at risk: Risk of being hurt by a car or a person or another animal and at risk of getting sick, dehydrating or starving.You can reduce these risks. There are hundreds of things that can happen to your lost pet & many of these things can result in death, so don’t wait, get advice on the right things to do.

Cost efficient – You know your searching and poster techniques will give you the best chance to find your pet and will reach the most people while keeping your costs down

A seamless service – Too many people take wrong advice or follow a wrong lead and focus their efforts on searching in 1 particular direction or in one way, we consider all possibilities and their probability for your lost pet. We remove the complexity & error potential of searching for a lost pet. Searching for a lost dog is different to searching for a lost cat or a lost bird and searching for a lost ferret, lost rabbit or lost reptile is different to searching for any other type of pet.

Customer support – Call 1300 309 004 anytime and one of our team members will be happy to help.
You know your pet is important to us, not just a number

Are you going to leave finding your lost pet to chance?

Can you afford not to get help?

Can you afford not to find your pet?

A lost pet is an emergency so we work efficiently and fast to get your lost pet home. They are our number 1 priority.

Who is searching for your lost pet while you are at work?
Who is searching for your lost pet while you are at home?
Who is searching for your lost pet while you are sleeping?

Can you commit to searching for your lost pet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? You don’t have to, because we can.

Did you know?

* We search for over 1000 missing pets every year

* Your cat’s bed and food bowls can help you find them

* If the speed limit of a road is more than 50km/hour an A4 poster on a powerpole is almost never seen

* A lost indoor cat will behave differently to a cat that is normally allowed outside

* Our success rate of reuniting a lost cat within the first 48 hours of going missing is 95%

* A kelpie or a cattle dog is normally missing for longer than a dalmation or a Pomeranian

* Our success with reuniting ragdolls is 98% as their behaviour is different to most other lost cats.

* The searching distance for a Burmese is greater than for other breeds of cats.

* If a Staffordshire bull terrier is missing for greater than 48 hours, we recommend getting all types of searching, posters and publicity started immediately.

* When they go missing, most Siamese cats who are normally quite vocal will become silent.


Who Uses Pet Search?

* 60% of our clients have never searched for a lost pet before

* 65% of our clients have tried other techniques to find their lost pet before asking us for help

* When given a choice 99% of our clients have chosen to use a poster designed by us compared to their own lost pet poster. The other 1% have used a combination of our poster and their own design for specific purposes

* 39% of our clients are searching for a lost dog

* 35% of our clients are searching for a lost cat

* 25% of our clients are searching for a lost bird

* 1% of our clients are searching for a lost ferret or rabbit or an exotic pet


What Makes Pet Search Unique?

  • We are the only professional pet detectives recognised and recommended by the RSPCA NSW
  • We are the only lost pet service recommended by Boomerang ID lost pet recovery service
  • We have over 20 years experience with searching for lost pets, our services and advice given is proven
  • Our techniques and advice is used world wide in other lost pet services
  • You will speak directly with the person helping to find your lost pet
  • We don’t receive funding from government or other organisations, so you know the advice we provide is unbiased

Did your local vet or shelter tell you to put “needs medication” on your poster? Please do not use this, it can reduce your chance of being reunited with your pet.

Did your local vet or shelter tell you to put the microchip number on your poster? Please do not use this, it can reduce your chance of being reunited with your pet.

Did your local vet or shelter tell you they will ring you if your pet comes in? Please don’t rely on this, it can reduce your chance of being reunited with your pet.

Have you emailed your poster to vets and pounds? Ask your vet how often they check their emails and whether they print out the posters and put them on their noticeboard.  Very few do.

Have you seen the job description of pound and shelter staff? We have, and reuniting lost pets doesn’t even make it onto most of the job descriptions.

Their focus is not on finding an owner of a lost pet, so you need to find your lost pet. Too many people sit back and wait for the phone call. “My pet is microchipped, so if he comes into a vet or a pound they will ring me”. 

This is simply not true!
A recent study at a shelter in the US found that only 74% of microchipped animals were reunited with their owners. The number would be about the same here, as they experience the same problems we do with multiple microchip registries and different brands of microchips and different types of scanners.
Will my pet come back on his/her own?
Sadly, less than 8% of lost pets return home on their own.  Most people who find a lost pet will make the assumption that the pet was abandoned or abused. Once this assumption is made they WILL NOT look for the owner. These pets end up being kept, adopted out or humanly euthanased. (most vet’s do not check microchip details before euthanasing a pet).

Some people are so convinced that the pet was ill treated that they ignore contact information on the pets collar.

Other factors that hinder your pet from coming home include; traffic, fear, predators, other pets and very often they are simply disoriented and they can’t find their way back.

What is your success rate?
Our success rate ranges from 50-80% which is at least double the chance an owner of a lost pet has of finding their pet without help from Pet Search.

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